Timber vs Colorbond Fencing – Choosing the right fence for you

A fence can be a great way to add value to your home and increase its overall appeal. Even if you love your neighbours, it’s still nice to have your own private closed-in area for the kids to run loose, to entertain guests or to simply just enjoy some quiet outdoor time.

There are many options and styles to choose from, but in terms of materials, the two main choices are between Timber and Colorbond fencing. Either option will give an appealing new addition to any property. However, the one that’s right for you really comes down to personal choice.

Here are some key things to consider in your decision.


Timber Vs Colorbond Fencing Timber Vs Colorbond Fencing

Comparing the durability

Timber or wood fencing is still a common building material all over the globe. It has a timeless appeal and if properly cared for it will last for years – even decades. There’s nothing quite like the fresh smell of pine or cedar. Treated wood withstands all kinds of weather, and applying the right stain will add to the overall strength too.

Colorbond fencing is durable from the very first day you install it. The product is made from galvanized steel and it’s protected with a powder coat finish that adds to its strength. There’s no need for regular maintenance with this type of fencing and under normal conditions, it will easily last for 2 or 3 decades.

Maintenance requirements

Timber fencing doesn’t require a lot of maintenance if it’s pre-treated. For the most part, after you’ve applied a nice stain, you can leave your fence year after year without any regular maintenance. Some homeowners do like to power wash their fence from time to time to keep it looking clean and new, but it isn’t required maintenance.

Colorbond fencing requires no maintenance at all. Once it’s been installed there isn’t anything else you need to do – you don’t have to apply any stains. It may also benefit from a wash with a girni from time to time, but again, it’s not required.

The cost

Timber fencing is less expensive than Colorbond fencing – at least in initial costs.

Colorbond is designed to last longer than a traditional timber fence though so the costs do even out over time. You can extend the life of a timber fence, but it may require some repairs over the years.


It’s probably easier to change the look of a timber fence than it is a Colorbond fence. A fresh colour of paint can spruce up a timber fence to give it a brand-new look any time.

Colorbond fencing can’t really be altered from its original design. Although, few homeowners choose to change the look of a fence and this isn’t a major concern for most of us.

Aesthetic appeal

Most people generally consider a timber fence to be more aesthetically appealing, but not always.

Modern Colorbond fencing comes in a variety of different options and there are even mimicked wood looks that can be desirable. The bottom line is that there’s no clear and obvious right choice between a timber and a Colorbond fence – it’s a matter of personal choice.

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